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José "Josico" Vila Villa-Ceballos

A Spanish music composer who has learned on his own everything he knows about music.

He loves computers for all the potential they have. And he likes, apart from composing music on them, designing and programming his own web sites and attending to his social media.

He has written four books and thirteen short stories that can be read at (Spanish).

He started writing books and short stories and composing music in 2018.
Josico Vila
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Black & White

Trying to put light on my dark side.

Once Upon a Tale, Pt.2

Second of a series of short stories.

Once Upon a Tale, Pt.1

First of a series of short stories.

I just can't say Farewell

I like to say 'See you later', never 'farewell'

Feel, Believe, Live

Great little single with three songs that will close the next album. I have been told many things about the title and the cover, for me, it is very metaphysical: it is a mix between religion and science.


Nine songs, on the ninth album called 9. It begins with a chase in the forest to go through the Iberian fields, dream that you play like a child and embark in search of the magical island Avalon. But there is much more. You can not lose this.

Experimenting on her own

Experimental disc, at least in its beginning. As it progresses, everything returns to the epic and fantastic.

The pathmaker

Go through the astral gate to reach a new planet. Will it be habitable and will it have resources? What dangers will you find? Soundtrack of my short story El explorador.

In love or versus

Experimental album. Discover the experiences of this imaginary couple.

Dawn in Istoccar

Thematic disc about the fantastic world of Istoccar that I narrate in my book El juego de Hansik.

Never without The Bards

Tribute to my favorite music group (BG). Like them on their albums, in this one, I develop fantastic worlds in each song.

Night Clockwork

Discover a new steampunk world with its gear wheels and lots of motor oil.

Reunion's tavern

Second part of the first album in which the same fantastic world continues to develop.

New old world order

First part of the introduction to a fantastic world whose protagonists are its goddess and the industrious mining town that she protects.

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Misunderstood Tales


When you think you get the moral of the story.

Reach the Truth


It is just around the corner.

Whisper a Lie to Me


But that can become reality.

Land of No Return


Will you come beyond with me?

Mind Without Frontiers


Everyone has potential.

Red Tattoo Dream


One of my recursive dreams.

What I Carry With Me


Allways trying to mix heavy and classic music.

Let the Wolf Out


For Dan and Queen. I miss you.

Alone In the Crowd


Strange sensation.

Even and Prime


It only can be a number.

What Now?


I wonder.

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